Simon Moseley


Producer, Co-Producer, Line Producer, 1st Assistant Director

As a producer on the highly regarded and multi-award winning Left Bank-BBC TV series ‘Walllander’ and features such as ‘Sleuth’, ‘As You Like It’ and ‘The Magic Flute’,


Simon’s route into producing has come after close to fifty stints as 1st and  2nd AD on an enormous variety of feature films and television drama.


His experience covers over twenty-five years of continuous employment, with a wide variety of directors and producers.

During this time Simon has encountered a huge number of production challenges working in all genres including  adaptations of classic novels, Shakespeare plays,

subjects including London gangsters, old rockers, Swedish detectives, Hairdressers, Firemen, an opera and most recently a supernatural thriller.


In addition to the standard core skills, Movie Magic  Budgeting and Scheduling, working with Children, Animals, Stunts, CGI, Special Effects, on both film and digital formats, he has a thorough knowledge, and experience of, the complete film making process from page to screen including 2nd Unit and Post Production supervision on SLEUTH and THE MAGIC FLUTE.


Based in London, he is available for work worldwide.


Production                                                   Director                   Producer

As Producer / Line Producer

Feature Films:

BLACKWOOD                                                    Adam Wimpenny              Wildcard Films, Adam Morane-Griffiths 

SLEUTH                                                       Kenneth Branagh            Jude Law, Castle Rock, Sony Pictures.

THE MAGIC FLUTE                                              Kenneth Branagh            The Peter More Foundation

AS YOU LIKE IT                                               Kenneth Branagh            HBO  & BBC Films



WALLANDER – SIDETRACKED                                      Philip Martin               BBC, Yellowbird, Left Bank Pictures

WALLANDER – FIREWALL                                         Niall McCormick             BBC, Yellowbird, Left Bank Pictures

WALLANDER – ONE STEP BEHIND                                  Philip Martin               BBC, Yellowbird, Left Bank Pictures


Short Films:

CARDS ON THE TABLE                                           Simon Moseley               Simon Moseley

LISTENING                                                    Kenneth Branagh             David Barron. Simon Moseley.


As 1st Assistant Director

CHEEKY                                                       David Thewlis               Trudi Styler

SON’S AND LOVERS                                             Stephen Whittaker           Company Pictures

SECRET PASSAGE                                               Ademir Kenovic              Chris Curling, Delux (Luxemburg)

TABLOID T.V.                                                 David Blair                 Mark Shorrock

LAST ORDERS                                                  Fred Schepsi                Nik Powell, Scala

BLOW DRY                                                     Paddy Breathnach            Ruth Jackson, Intermedia, Miramax

LOVES LABOURS LOST                                           Kenneth Branagh             David Barron, Intermedia, Miramax

ARABIAN KNIGHTS                                              Steve Barron                Dyson Lovell, Hallmark

AGNES BROWN                                                  Anjelica Huston             Jim Sheridan, Brendon O’Carrol

STILL CRAZY                                                  Brian Gibson                Amanda Marmot

SECRET LAUGHTER OF WOMEN                                     Peter Schwabach             Misan Sagay Paragon.

MISADVENTURES OF MARGARET                                    Brian Skeet                 Ian Benson, Granada Films.

B. MONKEY                                                    Michael Radford             Colin Vaines Miramax

THE WINGS OF THE DOVE                                        Iain Softley                David Parfit, Miramax

HAMLET                                                       Kenneth Branagh             David Barron, Castle Rock

OTHELLO                                                      Oliver Parker               Luc Roeg, David Barron, Castle Rock

LONDON’S BURNING                                             Gerry Mill                  Paul Knight, LWT.

IN THE BLEAK MID WINTER                                      Kenneth Branagh             David Barron, Castle Rock

JEFFERSON IN PARIS                                           James Ivory                 Ismail Merchant, Touchstone Pictures

INTO THE WEST                                                Mike Newell                 Miramax, Majestic, Gabriel Byrne


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